Witch’s Kitchen

We conjured up some spooky snacks you can make in your dorm

By STN2 Staff | 10/30/07 | Posted in News

Recipes for the Witch's Kitchen

<b>Ingredients:</b> Cupcakes Vanilla Icing M&Ms Peach Rings Red Decorating Icing Nutter Butters Chocolate Chip Cookies Gummy Worms Chocolate Pudding Snack Packs

<b>Eyeball Cupcakes </b> Make cupcakes using cake mix of your choice. Ice the top with vanilla icing. Put a peach ring (or any other circular candy) in the middle of the cupcake. Peach rings can be purchased individually at the Village Market. Place a brown M&M in the middle for a pupil. For detail, use red decorating icing to draw veins.

<b>Nutty Ghosts </b> Ice Nutter Butters with vanilla frosting. Use 2 brown M&Ms for eyes.

<b>Haunted Graveyard</b> Write R.I.P on a Nutter Butter with the Red Decorating Icing to make a tombstone. Crush up chocolate chip cookies for dirt. Sprinkle the dirt onto the top of a chocolate pudding snack pack. Dip the tombstone in the corner. Add a gummy worm for that extra scary effect.

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