Konover Opening

SGA looks to Aramark for answers

By STN2 Staff | 10/01/09 | Posted in News

<div style="float:right"> <img src="" /> <font color="blue"> Photo Courtesy OakPark Architects</font> </div> The Taco Bell and Market Deli were supposed to open last week, but if you’ve stopped by konover you will find hammers and tape measures instead of quesadillas and subs.<br> While many students are wondering when these businesses will open, they are also wondering if the meal equivalency plan is returning to the deli and if it will be offered at Taco Bell. We asked food committee chair Ben Accardo if he knew what the plan for the deli and Taco Bell was. <br> “I think they were talking about having, no meal equivalencies at Taco Bell, strictly dining dollars, however the deli market that they are going to have. Will have the same meal plan as least year, you get your 4inch sub and drink for a meal”. <br> Accardo also says the food committee meeting is scheduled to meet with Armark officials, at which time he says he hopes to have a better idea when the Taco Bell and deli will open.<br> <font color="red"><b>UPDATE</b></font> Students had a chance to meet with Aramark officials and the food committee in commons on Monday. While the dinner was open to the public, STN cameras were asked to leave.<br> Students still had the opportunity to share their ideas. Ben Silver a Junior says he doesn’t understand why the meal plus program has been removed. <br>“Yea the cost of food has gone up and sometimes you may be saving getting a meal but if i wanted like i used to. Just get a tea to go and maybe and apple and a small snack that’s much less than a meal would be and they would be making money. So it didn’t make a lot of sense to me that they would have abolished completely the meal value.” <br>There is still no word on when Taco Bell or the market deli will open. The food committee plans to meet again on October 19 at 5pm.

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