Parents On Call

Do you communicate with your parents enough?

By STN2 Staff | 10/02/09 | Posted in News

<div style="float:right"> <img src="" /> <font color="blue">Photo Courtesy Getty Images</font></div> While many of us live here on campus. We can never forget that we have families back home. But how often do you communicate with your family and is it too much or too little? <BR>“I talk to my mother three times a day, I talk to my grandmother once a day, I call her in the morning. I call my aunt; I talk to her midday and at night.” says Marcela Paguaga a freshman. Students can talk to there parents or anyone for that matter just about anywhere however could this ability for constant communication hinder the development of independence at a time when its most important? <BR> Dr. Lynn Kelly from the school of communication says, “To constantly be seeking am I doing the right thing, what should I do? And that sort of involvement or over involvement interferes with a certain normal mage ration and development of independence.” <br> However Dr. Kelly also sees the benefit of communication when it comes to keeping in touch with old friends, and encourages students to call home, she just doesn’t want to see students dependant on them when they call.

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