Relay For Life

All about one of the biggest events on campus.

By Spencer Brooks | 10/01/10 | Posted in News

Courtesy Relay for Life
Courtesy Relay for Life

Relay for Life is a national event sponsored by the National Cancer Society. The all-night walk around the academic lawn raises money for cancer research and also commemorates the survivors of, patients of, and those lost to cancer. 83 cents of every donation goes to cancer research which, in comparison to other research organizations, is a large amount. Last year relay raised close to $50 thousand, but this years organizers aren't certain that the will be able to match this year's goal. "We're looking to make 60 thousand this year, and we're a little bit down from last year where we were at this point", says Relay Co-Chair Nicole Salvaggio. Along with a lack of donations, organizers had to deal with other issues. They're faculty advisor left the university last year, leaving them with a major transition. Relay for Life's Faculty Advisor Krissy Severino hails from Student Centers and Activities and has put her network to use to get this year's event rolling. The event officially began at 6:00 p.m. with an opening ceremony consisting of survivor speakers and L'Shir A Cappella singing the Star Spangled Banner University of Hartford's A Cappella coalition was number two on the list of top contributors to Relay at Hartford (behind the Canton Girls Soccer Team) and raised the most out of any organization at UHart.

The event is currently still in swing and Relay would like to invite anyone with interest to stop on by and donate. STN will keep you posted on updates on how much was made throughout the night.

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