Red Army Controversy

Hawks' Fan Section Under Fire

By Spencer Brooks | 10/15/10 | Posted in News

The Red Army, Courtesy: Ilene Freeman
The Red Army, Courtesy: Ilene Freeman

The Student Government Association wanted to grow attendance at athletics events las spring; their solution: the Red Army. The Red Army attends a game of the week and cheers on basketball, soccer, or volleyball, but "the General" says lately things have not been so cheerful. "The event staff, they think that it's insulting and they tell us to stop and they tell us not to yell names", says Red Army General Ben Accardo. The Red Army has been approached by event staff on a number of occasions because of their actions during athletics events, and the scrutiny has cut their fan attendance by more than half. STN sat down with Athletics Director Pat Meiser to address the issues with the Red Army. "Actually it hasn't come to my attention at all and I susually hear about things that are controversial, if that's the right word", says Meiser, who is excited that students want to increase school spirit, but she notes that there are some limitations.

The America East Sportsmanship Code of Ethics states: i. Show respect to teammates, opposing players, coaches, referees, and spectators. ii. Oppose cheating, intimidation and foul language. v. Be gracious in victory; demonstrate dignity in defeat. vii. Be aware of consequences of foul language and poor behavior.

There are clearly policies posted by the America East conference; but is the controversy centered around policies or is it a matter of taste? The Red Army says their cheering is all in good fun, but Meiser would still like to meet with athletics staff and Red Army leaders to go over what is acceptable and what needs to be addressed. So what do you think: is the Red Army a disruption or has event staff gone too far? You can let us know by clicking on question of the week. You can also check out the Red Army as they support the womens' volleyball team tonight at 5:45 p.m. in the intramural courts.

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