STN2 Officer of the Month

Officer Kevin Kenney

By Ben Wilcox | 10/22/10 | Posted in News

STN channel 2 has reinstated its officer of the month program. Each month the public safety administration will choose an officer to be featured. This month it is officer Kevin Kenney.

Kenney will celebrate his second year of working for public safety January 5th. He is from Manchester Connecticut and has always had a love for law enforcement.

"Just growing up i have always wanted to be a law enforcement officer, i do love helping people, it might not appear this way to some of these kids, it gives me much satisfaction." says Kenney. While upholding the law is important to officer Kenny, connecting with the community is even more important.

"I didn't know if you guys know but i work the village a lot of nights its where we have most of our activity usually. One of the big things we try to do create a community relations factor involved in it, talking to the kids, you know. So they look at us a more of a friend someone you can come and talk to if they need to." As much as officer Kenny enjoys talking to the community there are some aspects of the job he finds frustrating.

"I don't feel like the majority of the students under stand the seriousness of our work we are not always out there opening doors for people and writing tickets, we deal with serious medical and violent crimes all the time especially on third shift."

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