Officer of The Month

Officer Tim Metcalfe

By Ben Wilcox | 12/02/10 | Updated 12/02/10 | Posted in News

Each month the public safety administration will pick one officer to be featured. This month its officer Tim Metcalf.

Metcalfe has been with the department for ten years he grew up in Manchester, and now lives in Colchester. Officer Metclafe started working here ta the university when he was 21 years old. "At the time I was doing loss prevention, and a buddy of mine worked here, and he said we are hiring and if you want come work here give it and i did and i liked it." says Metcalfe

Metcalfe now trains new officers into the deaprtment as a feild training officer and says he finds that part of his job ecspecially rewarding. "When new officers start we train them in university policy departmental policy, situaltional awaremness, what they should be looking for in certain types of calls...what types of service calls they are going to experience."

While Metclafe enjoys helping new officers he takes even deeper pride in helping the community as a whole. "You recovering a theft, somebody had a lap top stolen and your work end up getting that lap top back that is always gratifying."

Metcalf also takes part in the departments bike patrol and maintains the bikes for the university. While Metcalfe is a veteran of the department he never thought he would have a career in law enforcement.

"Ive always had an interest in cooking, I have a degree for Connecticut culinary institute, that's always been mine of my passions its cooking." Metcalf still enjoys cooking in his spare time, especially Italian food, and spending time with his young daughter.

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