Statement Regarding 4Loko

From Patricia Mckenna-Grant

By Haley Lyons | 12/03/10 | Posted in News

This is a statement regarding the effects of 4Loko on campus from Patricia Mckenna-Grant:

"We definitely have seen and are seeing instances involving 4Loko; ranging from basic alcohol policy violations to medical transports for alcohol intoxication as a result of consumption of this beverage. The transports are obviously the most severe as students are really putting themselves at risk by consuming this product. I believe what students may not realize is the content of this beverage; in that it is the equivalent of 4 shots of alcohol and about 4 cups of coffee; you are combining a stimulant (the caffeine) and a depressant (the alcohol) and this is very very dangerous. Much like combining a Red Blue with vodka; still a really bad choice. The issue with drinks like 4 Loko is caffeine should NOT be used a food additive. The FDA has placed an embargo on this product and other products like it just for that reason (caffeine shouldn't be used as a food additive), and there are numerous reports of particularly negative consequences to consuming this beverage recreationally. What does an embargo mean? It means that merchants cannot sell the product until further notice from the government. This is great in that we know it's not being sold presently, however, there is no way to tell how much of the product is still out there; some folks stock-pile items like this way in advance of a pending embargo.

In short, yes, 4Loko and other products like it are here on campus; we are doing our best to educate students on the hidden dangers and potential lethality of these products. It really is up to students to inform their friends, help each other out, etc. We are here to answer any questions and help in any situation regarding substance use on campus."

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