Tunnel Of Oppression

By Kevin Mehler | 01/27/11 | Updated 01/27/11 | Posted in News

As our country is confronted with radicalism in these turbulent times one nationwide event is the face of change. The Tunnel of oppression is an awareness program that depicts different forms of oppression in a way that is very real to participants. Some of the scenarios include homophobia, domestic abuse, body issues and self esteem, and racism. The program began at Western Illinois University in 1993. The program has since gone nationwide, and was brought to Hartford last year by Resident Director for the Village Apartments Marsha Dawson. "Residents or students or faculty have an opportunity to go on a tour and experience these different rooms, raw, in your face, some of them are acting, some are visual aides and you get to see how different people are oppressed in different ways" said Marsha. After the tour participants will have the opportunity to meet with counselors and members of CAP to discuss the situations they have witnessed. Domestic violence shelters, clothesline project, wellness shelter and CAPS will be providing information and resources for people once they've completed the tour. Tunnel of Oppression takes place Friday February 4th in GSU from 9 am to 2:30 pm.

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