Hawktober Weekend

What's on schedule for Hawktober weekend?

By Stefanie Szepanski | 10/20/11 | Updated 10/20/11 | Posted in News

Hawktober weekend is beginning on Friday, October 21st and running through Sunday, October 23rd.

The weekend will feature activities centered around Alumni. Javier Colon, a University graduate from the class of 2000 will be returning to campus for two shows on Saturday. Also, the University will be holding it's first annual Hog River Festival which provides alumni with the opportunity to showcase their art talents.

University spokesman David Isgur says, "That it will give a lot of artisans or alums who maybe even didn't study art when they were here but are now making jewelry, clothing, all kinds of different art forms that will be on display". Alumni will also be coming back to Uhart for a soccer and lacrosse game along with a student men's soccer game on Sunday. Hawktober weekend also features a chance for parents to experience a classroom setting that students attend everyday in Classes Without Quizzes.

The annual Anchor Awards will also be given out this weekend to alumni who have made significant achievements. Each college elects people who they feel deserve the award and they are then sent to a committee who vote for the recipients.

Isgur says, "I think its a great showcase for not just something for our alumns but something for our students and our parents and everybody involved in the university." Clubs and schools will also be holding alumni receptions for the university alums, students and parents.

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