Protecting Yourself From STI’s

By STN2 Staff | 02/10/06 | Posted in News

STN looked into sexually transmitted infections on college campuses. It is extremely important to practice safe protected sex. The best way to prevent STI’s is to practice abstinence, but if you do have sex, the wellness center recommends using a condom every time you have sex. The university provides free condoms for students at the wellness center, health services, and the women’s center. It is important to know that condoms are not 100 % effective, but great reduces your risk of catching an STI. Chlamydia is among the most common STI’s on college campuses nationwide. For more information on Chlamydia you can visit Health Services does provide testing for STI’s to students. Prices depend on which STI you are being tested for. Health Services can be contacted and 860-768-6601 (extension 6601 on campus). HIV=$20.00 GONNORRHEA AND CHLAMYDIA=$15.00 SYPHILIS =$15.00 HERPES = $20.00-$175.00
It is extremely important to be tested for STI’s because in many cases a person can have an STI and show no symptoms. If left untreated many infections can develop into certain cancers, cause sterility in men, and infertility in women.

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