Room Selection

Reslife responds to student concerns.

By Rachel Cisto | 04/23/12 | Posted in News

Some students had a very difficult time registering for next year’s housing. And according to Cindy Sanders, the assistant director of media and technology at the office of residential life, not everything went perfectly on their end either.

"I can say that there were maybe 2 glitches that we found on the first day, but I was able to get those rectified really easily by contacting our software service, and they were really helpful with us."

She said that a big part of the difficulty came from students not meeting the housing deadlines.

"That was probably the most difficult thing. We had set March 28th as our initial deadline, and then there was an abundance of students coming in on the 29th and 30th, so we had to extend that until April 5th."

She also said that ResLife did provide students with a lot of information about the process through info sessions, tabling in GSU and on their website, but they will still look at ways to better communicate next year

"On top of that, we did tabling, maybe six sessions of tabling, and we had the tutorials that we put online."

Sanders said that while the system might have semed a little strange to returning students, it's here to stay.

"This system is something we've invested ourselves into, and even though it's a transition for the students, as much as they're involved with technology now, this is something you've got to get used to. But yes, we'll continue with this system for following years."

Addressing the concerns of students, Sanders said that they chose to do room selection during the day so that the office would be open for students who needed assistance, but they would not be opposed to holding room selection at a different time next year.

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