Leadership Quest To Be Held This Saturday

Conference looks to help mold tomorrow's future leaders

By STN2 Staff | 10/04/12 | Updated 10/04/12 | Posted in News, Campus News

Tomorrow, this Saturday, the University will be holding the seventh annual Leadership Quest conference in Gengras Student Union.

This one-day conference, open and free to all students, looks to help give students the proper insights and experiences to become a future leader in the world.

The theme for this year's conference is "The Footprints of Leadership."

Speaking for the opening and closing segments of this conference will be Christina Lohman of Collegiate Empowerment, who will focus on the topic, "You Can’t Lead Others Until You Lead Yourself."

Other speakers at this conference include: Lee Peters, Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Hartford; Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra; Jared Kupiec, chief of staff for Mayor Segarra; Randi Ashton-Pritting, director of University Libraries; and Amelia Barbagallo, recruiting coordinator for Barnum Financial Group.

In addition to Leadership Quest, there will be a four-part Leadership Series for students this year. The Leadership Series topics, dates and locations are listed below.

– October 6, "You Can’t Lead Others Until You Lead Yourself," 9:55 a.m. and 2 p.m., GSU South Café

– October 28, "Working Your Image," Miles Washburn, 2 p.m., GSU South Café

– March 16, "Get A Life Outside of the Classroom," Collegiate Empowerment, 2 p.m., GSU South Café

– April 6, "Passing the Torch," Collegiate Empowerment, 2 p.m., GSU South Café

The Leadership Quest conference will take place tomorrow in Gengras Student Union between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Students who are interested in attending this conference should apply as soon as possible through Career Bridge.

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