Club Spotlight: FSAE Racing Club

Hands-on team allows students the opportunity to compete in a formula racing competition

By STN2 Staff | 09/17/13 | Posted in News, Campus News, STN Club Spotlight

FSAE, also known as the Formula Society Automotive Engineering club, is a hands-on team that designs and builds a formula style race car every year.

According to team captain Ames Colt, "Our faculty advisor Dr. Ebuser meets us there at the shop and we talk about what we are doing for the day, what needs to be done, what’s coming up or if we need to fix something and you will get to work on your individual project or go help people or design work."

The team competes at the Formula Michigan Competition which lasts 3 days around the middle of May. This gives the team ample time to ensure they meet the requirements to compete.

At the start of the competition, the race car has to pass certain inspections in order to join the actual competition, such as standard tests and having the race care weighed to make sure they make the requirements.

Students of all majors and experiences can join and learn as they go from the returning members.

According to the other team captain, Kyle Tanner, “Being an engineer you get to work with all the different aspects of the car, you get to engineer, design, build, fabricate which is all skills you are going to need to use throughout the field. You can also as a business major we have business reports and so it’s not only limited to the engineering field.

The club currently has 12 members but are looking to expand and they encourage students to join by October in order to participate in building the race car from the beginning stages.

Interested students should email the team captain, Ames Colt, at

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