University of Hartford Partners with University of St. Joseph for Accelerated Degree Program

Neighboring universities pair to offer accelerated doctorate

By Rachel Cisto | 09/20/13 | Updated 09/20/13 | Posted in News, Campus News

Students interested in the pharmacy field will soon have an option allowing them the chance to receive an accelerated doctorate through a new partnership with the University of Saint Joseph. These neighboring schools are exactly 2.2 miles apart, so they’ve joined forces to offer an accelerated doctorate program.

“That's gonna allow students to get a bachelor's degree in either chemistry or biology here,” says Biology professor Jacob Harney. “They'll be on a degree program where the first three years, they'll complete the majority of the work here toward those bachelor degrees. Then in their fourth year, they'll, instead of having their fourth year here, they'll start their first year of pharmacy school.”

If students follow the curriculum set up in the plan, they will spend 6 years in pursuit of their degree instead of the usual 8.

“At the end of that first year, they'll come back to the University of Hartford, graduate with their class with their bachelor's degree, and go back and have two years remaining in the doctoral program at pharmacy school.”

While Harney says that the curriculum for this program will be more challenging, it could be the right fit for a motivated student. He also says that this program can really help out students who want to go into a pharmacy career.

“Needing an undergraduate degree as well as a post-graduate degree, this makes it easier to achieve that in a shorter period of time.”

Harney says that in the future, many other institutions will follow the lead of the University of Hartford and the University of St. Joseph and create more programs such as this.

Students who are interested in this program should contact Dr. Jacob Harney at

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