Greenberg Center Exhibit

New exhibit gives an insight on the history of genocides

By Matt Brown | 09/20/13 | Updated 09/20/13 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News

The University of Hartford's Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies will open the brand new exhibit, titled Genocide: Israel Charny and the Scourge of the 20th Century.

With this new exhibit, students will learn about these tragic genocides that occurred in the 20th Century and how they can prevented in the future.

This showcase will feature an in depth look at these tragic genocides from "The Holocaust", to the Armenian Genocide, and the genocide in Rwanda.

Dr. Avinoam J. Patt, the Associate Director for Judaic Studies; ""This is something that we as students and members of our community, as anyone who is affiliated with the University, we have a responsibility, and citizens of this world to do our part to raise awareness and promote understanding and be able to comfort those who might say that didn't happen from the holocaust in Europe during World War Two or the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994 or the Armenian Genocide."

This exhibit will open this Monday September 23rd at 7:00 pm in the Wilde Auditorium. From there, the exhibit will be showcase in the University's Musem of Jewish Civilization in the Mortenson Library through April 2014.

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