New England Underground Film Festival

3rd annual film festival breaks ground at Hartford

By Matt Brown | 10/03/13 | Updated 10/03/13 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News

On Saturday October 5th, the University of Hartford is hosting the third annual New England Underground Film Festival. The festival takes place at the University's Wilde Auditorium.

The Festival begins at noon and it will last until 6pm. Over 11 films are being screened at the festival. Such films include Stephen Dest’s My Brother Jack, Jared Marmitt’ s Common Misconception, and Kelly DiMauro’s Protector of the Kingdom.

"It [The Film Festival] helps support the Connecticut filmmakers, we want the film festival to matter, the more support we can get with people coming to the film festival, the better chance that will happen," explained Kelly DiMauro, the director and writer of the film Proctor of The Kingdom.

One of the highlights coming from the film festival is the screening of the silent animated film, Mechanical Doll. This film was created in 1922, however it was lost for over 90 years after its release. Film historians were able to recover the film and it will be screened at the festival.

Admission for the festival will be five dollars for Hartford students with an ID and ten dollars to the general public.

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