Studying Abroad

Students can study in a foreign country

By Ashleigh Kaufman | 10/10/13 | Updated 10/10/13 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News

Imagine walking the streets of London, meeting exotic animals in Africa, or even exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, all while earning credits towards graduation.

The university offers programs in over 40 countries and even offers a program in Washington DC. No matter what, things can be worked out to ensure the students financial situation and academic standing allow them to get abroad.

In order to apply, students must meet the requirements of completing their freshman year as well as meeting the GPA requirement for their desired program.

Different majors specify times most convenient to go abroad, so starting the application process early is strongly recommended.

According to the Assistant Director of the Study Abroad program, Susan Carey, "Students usually study abroad for a maximum of one year so it could be two different study abroad in two different locations or it could be one full year in one destination. There are cases where students have studied abroad more than that like three semesters, however they need to get approval from their dean in order to go abroad for a full semester."

One of the most rewarding things according to students who have studied abroad is being submerged in a brand new culture

Niki Kalmus, who studied her junior year of spring semester abroad in France stated, "It was really cool getting the first hand experience and getting to talk to people with completely different beliefs than us. there economy's different, there politics are different and my favorite part was just meeting new people."

For more information, visit the Study Abroad office GSU 3rd floor.

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