Text Alert System

University encourages students to sign up for UHTXT system

By Rachel Cisto | 10/10/13 | Updated 10/10/13 | Posted in News, Campus News

In an emergency situation, the University wants to make sure that it reaches as many members of the University community as possible. And in today's world, almost everyone has a cell phone.

University spokesman David Isgur says the UHTXT system can be used in many situations. "Situations ranging from weather emergencies, school closings, school shutting down, to ‘there’s a fire’, ‘stay away from this area’, ‘there's a hazardous chemical situation’, to...and fortunately we've never had to use it for this, but if there was an active shooter somewhere on campus."

UHTXT is an opt-in service, meaning that if students or staff members don't register their phones, they won't get any messages.

“It's also important that current students who signed up in the past also go to the and check their login and make sure their membership hasn't expired,” says Isgur.

While the University does have other means of communication - like email blasts, and the University of Hartford News Twitter and Facebook accounts, the UHTXT system allows for an immediate release of information.

Isgur says that about 40% of the campus community is registered for UH Text. While that is around the national average, he hopes they can boost that number. To sign up for UHTXT, visit

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