Goldfarb Student Art Exhibition

25th annual competition brings in student art from all colleges

By Ashleigh Kaufman | 01/31/14 | Updated 01/31/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

As students dive head first into spring semester, there is an exciting opportunity on campus for all artists, regardless of their major. "All the teachers tell their students to enter and everyone is encouraged to enter at least one piece if not two and not everyone gets in so its kinda of exciting when you do," says senior art student Rebecca Zablocki.

The exhibition was named after Alexander Goldfarb, who had a love for the art school, and lending a financial hand to student artists. The Goldfarb Memorial Fund was created after his passing and now funds the exhibition.

The deadline to submit is February 9th. Students are expected to upload an image of their work and submit the material through the Internet. Any form of art will be accepted including video submissions, two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces.

The submissions will be judged by a panel of prestigious jurors to determine the pieces that stand out from the rest. Selected applicants will have the chance to show case their work in the Jolesoff Art Gallery for the month of March, and two winners will be rewarded a prize of $1,000.

All students are encouraged to enter and when asked why Zablocki would enter this coming year she states, "I mean, its a professional show. its in a gallery its an annual show where jurors are real artists and you actually have a shot and its just students at the university of Hartford and i think its worth a shot to always enter anyone show and if its here and right outside your door why not?"

To enter, visit Any questions contact Lisa Gaumond, at (860)-768-5559.

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