Bates House Renovation

Admissions house gets a facelift

By Kim Bigelow | 02/07/14 | Updated 02/07/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

Edward Bates was the CEO of a local insurance corporation when he made a gift to the University, now known as the Bates House Endowment. This money is used to maintain the house, and especially to fund the current renovation.

Richard Zeiser, Dean of Admission, said, "What we wanted to do was maintain the sort of traditional New England look of Bates House and renovate the inside to make it more modern, more appealing, and more open."

The north end of the building, or "garage" area, is almost completed. The newly renovated room will be used as a meeting area for student tours, admissions events, etc.

Norman Young, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Planning and Management, said, "Coming up this summer is going to be a renovation of the entryway to Bates and the living room space that tends to be more of a waiting space for student tours and things like that. Again new wood floors, new painting scheme, some of our new branding, the new logo, things like that will be installed over there."

The underlying goal of the project is to further the rebranding of the University.

Zeiser said, "One of the messages that we're trying to get out is something called 'your story starts here'. And literally for students who are coming to the University, the story does begin with them walking into Bates House."

The renovation should be complete by fall of this year.

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