Sexual Assault: How to Stay Safe

By STN2 Staff | 03/03/06 | Posted in News

Sexual assault is a problem on campuses throughout the country. It is defined as any unwelcome sexual contact or forced intercourse. This week STN investigated how you can stay safe on campus. Luis Natal, a Crime Prevention Specialist and Co-Founder of MARS, feels that it is extremely important to try not to panic. This is hard to do, but once you panic you tend to shut down and not know what to do. There are a number of code blue poles on campus. If you are in trouble you can press the button, and it signals public safety. There are also a number of sources you can go to if you need help. According to Gail Syring, the Assistant Director of Res Life and Director of Women’s Center, “Their primary service is to refer to students to other services on campus that they may need, for example the women’s center, counseling and personal development, public safety, or other services that they may need.” To stay safe never walk alone at night. It is always safer to have someone to walk with no matter what time it is. Sexual assault is more prevalent when alcohol is involved. Just be aware of your surroundings. Also MARS offers escorts and a 12 hour Rape Progression Defense Course that is free for all students.

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