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Hartford to initiate new 5-year strategy plan

By Scott Roberts | 02/11/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

The University of Hartford is continuing to look towards the future, following the recent developments in the Foundations for the Future initiative, as well as other developments, including a strategy to "flip classrooms" from an academic standpoint and the latest plans to renovate parts of campus, including the Bates House and the University Commons.

President Harrison spoke at the recent Faculty/Staff Kickoff in Wild Auditorium, saying he hopes the spring semester at the University will be a "rebirth of optimism about our future."

With this rebirth of optimism, the University has launched a new five-year strategic plan, with several goals in place to bring the campus to a higher level of prestige and standing in the northeast region, as well as in the United States.

Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. J. Lee Peters explained how the company hired, known as The Napa Group, has assisted in giving some structure to move into this period of strategic planning, helping lay a "road map" to make the University stronger and better in the next five to ten years.

"We had this company, who did this really intense review of all of our constituent groups, and came up with really what the University means to our students and our alumni, and what people expect from us based on the experiences they've had," Peters said.

The University has already started integrating some of the elements of this strategic plan into the campus community, with the large banners put up around campus. Though the direct meaning behind the banners are not understood by some, the effect of these banners plays directly into the five-year, five-part plan.

The five parts to this strategic plan consist of: challenging and supporting students in a classroom setting, developing better connections with outside businesses and companies to create strong partnerships, increasing the amount of revenue the University takes in to allow for a much more extensive use, turning the University of Hartford into a top-choice school for all students, and creating a sustainable economic model to maintain a stable budget.

President Harrison and the entire University administration staff working on this strategic plan will continue to do so in the following months, and years, to come. Students and staff can voice any and all opinions, questions, and concerns on the matter by contacting any member of the Executive Leadership committee directly.

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