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Admin of popular Facebook page revealed

By Ashleigh Kaufman | 03/29/14 | Updated 03/29/14 | Posted in Campus News

The popular fan page, "Uhart Confessions," was created in April of 2013 as a way for the campus community at the University of Hartford to share confessions and thoughts anonymously online.

The page's fan base grew daily and is now operating with over 2 thousands followers. Though the identity of the admin has been a secret since the page was created, Senior Dylan DeAngelis recently revealed himself as both the founder and admin of the page.

Since the reveal to over two thousands fans, DeAngelis says he's received numerous friend requests and messages to her own personal Facebook account.

"A lot of people that I've talked to are like, 'Oh that's really cool, how did you make the page? How did it get so popular?'" he said. "Those are really questions that I want people asking me because I've never really gotten to talk about the page to anyone or anybody that isn't my friends. So it's good to get outside feedback from people."

DeAngelis is now planning to take full advantage of being able to personally speak with students and being able to cater to the kinds of confessions that students would like to see.

"All of the refinements and the improvements that I try to make on the page have been kind of guesses that I make," he stated. "Then, I see how the feedback is on the page and I'm like, 'Oh wait, that was a terrible idea, gotta fix that, gotta go back,' so its always a work in progress."

Though DeAngelis stresses it was never his intention to personally offend a specific group or organization on campus, he is fully aware that some of the posts on the page have done so. He assures students that all of the posts are fully the opinions of the submitter.

DeAngelis is asking any student interested in taking over as an admin to privately message him or the page. His intentions are for the next admin to remain anonymous until their time to graduate.

The following link is the full text from the open letter written by DeAngelis:

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