New recycling bins added to campus

Recycling dumpsters, centers to promote sustainability on residential side

By Jessica Drury | 10/16/14 | Updated 10/16/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

Recycling dumpsters located in the Village
Recycling dumpsters located in the Village

At the request of attending students, Facilities has added two new recycling dumpsters on campus, located between the Village Apartments, quads 4 and 5, and adjacent to the Konover Market.

These dumpsters are added in addition to the recycling centers the residential side of campus, located in Quads 2 and 4, and in Regents Park Apartments.

Prior to these dumpsters, the University implemented a recycling program on campus in academic buildings like the University Commons, Gengras Student Union, Lincoln Theater, Bates House and the Sports Center.

Hartford's original recycling program used a two bin system, one for recycling paper and another for bottles and cans. These single stream recycling dumpsters allow students to put any recyclables in the dumpster without having to separate one type of item from another. Facilities hopes to get students into the habit of keeping the campus a sustainable environment.

Dr. Jane Horvath, an associate professor of economics and the head of sustainability initiatives here on campus, suggests students take advantage of this new addition.

"While the recycling centers are in place and will continue to be in place, we've decided to, based upon input we've heard from students, supplement those with what you're seeing on campus now. The new dumpsters that students can bring their recyclable materials to," Horvath said.

She also expressed that it's the trash hauling company's responsibility to maintain the dumpsters on campus and if they are full enough, there might be a possibility that the university is granted more in the near future.

Facilities' main concern is that students on campus keep their trash separate from their recycling just as they would at home so the dumpsters aren't contaminated.

Overall, the University looks forward to expanding this sustainability initiative in making the University of Hartford a more greener campus.

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