Students warned about "credit card skimming" issue

Ongoing problem posing threat to valuable bank information

By Desiree Roberts | 10/22/14 | Updated 10/22/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

For the past several decades, a growing crime called "credit card skimming" has taken the world by storm. Also known as "hacking," this crime can be considered a felony depending on what state the crime takes place.

"Card skimming is a procedure they use to get information from your credit card. Usually card skimming will put a magnetic strip on an ATM or stuff like that, and they would record all your information," Michael Henry, special investigator for Public Safety, stated.

Once enough information has been collected via skimming, the credit card skimmers remove the strips and store the information.

"Card skimming could happen just about anywhere as long as there's an outside ATM. It can happen there because with an outside ATM. People can actually monitor you from across the street," Investigator Henry said.

As of now, card skimming is not directly affecting the University of Hartford's community. But Special Investigator Henry still wants all students to be aware and careful.

Protecting yourself from any type of information breach on credit cards is very complex at times, but there are many steps people should try to take. Using an inside ATM is the most efficient way to ensure your information is not skimmed.

When discussing ATM's, Investigator Henry stated, "They're vulnerable for people to walk up. No one's monitoring an outside ATM, no one's monitoring a gas station ATM either, no one's looking. That's why it's easier for them to attack those two places."

All credit card owners should also be sure to keep track of their receipts and various web accounts.

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