Hawk's Nest hosting live music and entertainment

Local bands scheduled to perform in upcoming weeks

By Scott Roberts | 10/23/14 | Updated 10/23/14 | Posted in News, Campus News

In addition to the renovations done to the University Commons and the Hawk's Nest restaurant, a new effort to host more live music acts at Hawk's Nest has begun, with several bands already having performed inside the restaurant.

Local groups, including The McLovins, West End Blend, Fight the Fear, and The Guru, have all performed this semester at the restaurant, with several more on tap for the weeks ahead.

"We want everybody to be able to come to the Hawk's Nest and have a good time," Jorden Howard, the lead at Hawk's Nest Programming, said.

In his first year in the position with Hawk's Nest Programming, Howard and the rest of the programming group have worked diligently to select artists and groups to perform in the venue, going as far as attending their concerts, working out contractual details with the group, setting up the event at Hawk's Nest, and providing the band with compensation following the gig.

However, with the new renovations, Howard said Hawk's Nest has also been showing movies with a newly-installed projector and projector screen in the restaurant. He even went as far to mention his hopes of trying to book a magician to perform this semester.

"I remember the stigma before being, 'Hawk's Nest, oh they just have lame shows,' but it's like, we have great shows," he said. "We want to appeal to everybody, not just one crowd."

Though students are no longer able to use meal swipes at Hawk's Nest with the changes to meal plans, the goal is to get students to come for the music or entertainment, and stay for the performance.

For any students who are interested in performing at the Hawk's Nest venue with their band, they can contact Howard directly through the Student Centers Administration office in GSU, or by contacting him via email at, with all of your group's contact information.

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