Athletic Department creates new program for fans

New app allows fans to earn rewards and perks

By Jonny Wade | 12/03/14 | Updated 12/03/14 | Posted in News, Campus News


The University of Hartford’s Athletic Department has created a new program, called HawksConnect, an app that gives not only students of the University but all fans of the Hawks a new opportunity to get involved. The Athletic Department believes this will be another way to bring more fans and engage them into the games.

"We are using this to reward, incentivize and engage our fans," said Assistant Athletic Director in Marketing Evan Levy. “It's a fun way for people to be part of the action while watching the Hartford Hawks in action.”

All fans that signs up with HawksConnect receive their Official Hawks FanID and by doing so they get access to a ton of prizes and perks, such as pre-game court access, official gear, stadium concessions, or seat upgrades; and the prizes will get better the more games and points fans accumulate. Also fans using the app can do other things like making game predictions, test their knowledge with trivia or going on the fan forum.

Furthermore, HawksConnect allows fans to follow up on the games as they go so if the game is away or the fan is unable to go to the game they will be updated live. Currently, HawksConnect is following the women’s and men’s basketball teams but it will still be running during the spring season for other teams of the University.

If you are interested in using HawksConnect, either go to or text the word "HAWKS" to 49432.

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