Subway shut down following flood

Konover temporarily closed due to burst sprinkler system pipe

By Jonny Wade | 02/12/15 | Updated 02/12/15 | Posted in News, Campus News

On February 6th, shortly after 3 p.m., the Subway restaurant in the Konover Campus Center flooded due to a sprinkler head that froze, causing the pipes to burst. At the time of the flooding, an event with ResLife was taking place in the Konover Great Room.

As soon as Public Safety heard about the incident, they alerted both Hartford Fire Department and Facilities on campus, and made sure that everyone in the building was evacuated.

"Our goal is to escort everybody in the building is escorted out the building safely. That's the number one job for us," said Lieutenant Christopher Lyons, on Public Safety's main goal was in this incident.

Facilities were able to shut off power in the building, and when Hartford Fire officials arrived, they were finally able to shut off the water flow. The water in the building accumulated to about 2-3 inches and had to be mopped out by both Hartford Fire and Facilities.

The entire building was closed that night and together, Aramark and Facilities started to clean and were able to properly re-open the Village Market section of Konover by Saturday at noon.

Subway took a while longer to re-open because the restaurant was at the center of the incident and because Aramark had to wait for the approval of the Health Department. They were finally given the full go ahead to re-open on Tuesday at noon.

The University also wanted to ensure that all this information was distributed to students through Aramark's information given to the Office of Communication.

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