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The Alumni Silpe-Gallery Exhibit Is Now Open For Visitors

Hartford Art School Alumni featured in Gallery

By Ashleigh Kaufman | 10/05/15 | Posted in Campus News

The Alumni Silpe-Gallery Exhibit was curated by Mike Scricco, a graphic design professor at the University of Hartford who displayed both his own work, and the work of four alumni who attended the Art school from 1968 through 1972.

The art displayed in the gallery captures the violence that raged on with Scricco and his classmates were attending the Hartford Art School in 1968. According to Scricco, “There were race riots, Vietnam war, Martin Luther King had been assassinated, Robert Kennedy had been assassinate."

Featured arist Randy Gilamn explains his artwork he did in 1981 called Memento Mori, which uses 900 tickets to create the work of art. "I've had an interest in quantum physics and duality of matter, particles of wave, aspect of matter. So I decided to do some drawing on these tickets as quickly as I could. One side would be a particle and one side would be a wave," he stated.

To learn more about the gallary students can visit The University's website or visit the Alumni Silpe-Gallery Exhibit in the Hartford Art School building Monday from Septeber 21st, to October 25th.

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