Project Gamma Comes To Campus

Project Gamma

By Chris DeGray | 02/04/16 | Updated 02/04/16 | Posted in News, Campus News

There is a new club on campus titled Project Gamma for people who have always dreamed of having the opportunity to produce their own video games. Students will be able to work in teams in this organization to work on creating a video game.

Project Gamma hopes to unite students from the different areas of study that the University has to offer to work on the many different sections of a video game. Art students can work on the video games visuals while students interested in English can work on the creative writing aspects of the story that the game will tell. Other areas of a video game that need to be completed are the musical aspects and the programming of the game.

There will be different focused teams that students can work for depending on what their interests are ranging from animation to storytelling and will give students team working skills.

Project Gamma will meet in Dana Hall room 318 on Friday afternoons from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm. They will be having their first meeting on February 5th. This first meeting will mainly consist of an introduction to the organization and what their purpose is with the next couple of meetings focusing on brainstorming ideas for their project. They will decide what forms of technology that they should use to create their game. Then, they will start to organize people into teams based on their interests.

When the club makes a finished product, Project Gamma will host a fair where students from all over the campus could come and try out their game.

Project Gamma president Aaron Shea was surprised when he found out that there was quite a bit of interest in the club from students across the campus. He additionally said how he thought that Project Gamma is one of the few organizations on campus that really reaches across multiples areas of study at the University of Hartford.

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