Love Your Melon

A new club on campus

By Jabari Walker | 03/03/16 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News, National News

Love Your Melon
Love Your Melon

The UHart campus has been recently growing with new clubs on campus, one of the clubs that is now on campus is the Love Your Melon Club. Now this club didn't start on the University of Hartford campus, it actually started at the University of St. Thomas, by two friends, Zach and Brian.

Zach and Brian had a mission in 2012 to help the lives of children battling cancer, so they decided to make hats that were popular enough to sellout the first week. Now the popularity of Love Your Melon has spread nationally across the United States.

The University of Hartford is just one of the many colleges that now participate in the Love Your Melon Club and has been really successful. But it's not easy to be apart of as it only accepts 20 members for the club to represent it with the utmost professionalism.

"I think it means no matter what you're going through, no matter what you're fighting, you should love yourself," Christina Scarane the secretary of Love Your Melon said.

Love Your Melon has many types of hats such as beanies, snap backs, cuffed beanies and they even have scarves. If you would like to purchase a beanie go to

If you also would like to learn more about the Love Your Melon Club on the UHart campus visit the University of Hartford Love Your Melon Crew on facebook, and follow @loveyourmelonuhart on instagram. And when you purchase something on the website make sure to give UHart credit by finding University of Hartford and checking it at the checkout.

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