Crimes Committed During Spring Fling

Multiple altercation occurred while students enjoyed Spring Fling.

By Matthew Vega | 04/21/16 | Updated 04/21/16 | Posted in News, Campus News

On Friday going into Saturday of Spring Fling, two guests from New Jersey broke into a student's room armed with a handgun looking for drugs and other valuables

The two students who were residents on campus who were involved were arrested by the Hartford police for their involvement.

A different student was arrested for a domestic dispute while their brother who was also a guest was caught committing larceny.

The second case Public Safety is investigating is one they became aware of when an individual that was a guest of a student here. The student was arrested for a domestic incident and his brother who appeared to be high on alcohol, drugs or both took advantage of open doors and committed six or seven burglaries which when he walked in stole many electronic type stuff like games, laptops, so forth.

Most of the items were recovered but there may be other suspects still at large.

"The one for the burglaries was a guest that was registered so it was easy to identify and confirm who he was with and the other on through investigation who through investigation we-we of the two people I believe two of them were signed in by the same guest of guests who were arrested as guests who were arrested," Director of Public Safety John Schmaltz would like students to make sure they lock their doors especially during an event such as Spring Fling.

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