Illegal File Sharing on the Rise on College Campuses

By STN2 Staff | 10/04/05 | Updated 10/04/05 | Posted in News

Over 60 percent of American homes have broadband internet access, and this has done nothing but made illegal file sharing easier than ever before. Downloading free music and programs may be easy and convenient but students may not know that if they get caught they have to face major consequences. Downloading music and programs is illegal. According to Dave Kelly, the director of systems and technical support for ITS, illegal file sharing is when you download or offer to upload copyrighted materials for which you don’t hold the copyright. Sharing any kind of copyrighted material such as music, movies, games, and computer software is illegal.
This is a big problem at universities because they generally have fast internet connections that make file sharing and downloading much easier.
Many universities across the United States have had students sued directly by the copyrighted holders for illegally distributing their content. At University of Hartford the information and technology department will get a notice identifying your computer as having uploaded or downloaded some of their materials and this will include a cease order where the university has to stop you from offering or downloading that material. Students who have their ports turned off will be subject to an investigation by public safety and possibly a judicial review. If you have any questions regarding file sharing on the university network, contact the computer center at extension 5999.

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