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Hawktober Week

The process behind the fun filled week.

By Jorge Rosas | 10/13/16 | Posted in Campus News

Hawktober Banner
Hawktober Banner

This years Hawktober had a rocky start with the nearly naked mile being cancelled due to weather conditions. Fortunately the Hawktober committee plans on holding the nearly naked some time in the spring and they are still accepting clothing donations.

Despite the first event being cancelled the rest of Hawktober week ran smoothly with events such as Bakin like a Boss, Movie Drive in, Paint night, Pumpkin Carving and much more! All these events were organized and made possible by the efforts of the Hawktober Committee.

The Hawktober Committee is made up of students, the committee starts planning for Hawktober a semester in advance. With the first meeting being between April and May. The committee looks at the previous hawktober and looks at what events were popular and what they could improve upon.

Students who wish to become part of the committee will have to apply online and then go through an interview. The process is simple and short.

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