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Uhart students work on technology that helps athletic performance

Two Juniors unveil L.I.F.T

By Jorge Rosas | 10/20/16 | Updated 10/20/16 | Posted in Campus News


Uhart juniors Garrett Brown and Joshua Breighner have been working on a device called LIFT. LIFT being an acronym for Leg-Worn Impact Force-sensing Technology. The device is placed on the shoe of the athletes and collects data from their feet hitting the ground. The device is primarily being tested with Track and Field Jumpers,; however Garret and Joshua hope to work with Distance runners in the future

The project started after the two recorded each other running with Gopro to analyze their running performance. They took the ir footage to Joshua's academic adviser Assistant Professor Michael Wininger who helped them start their LIFT project. The two having an interest in running, wanted to work with distance runners.

They talked with Track and Field Head Coach Richard Warren about working with the track athletes. Unfortunately they had trouble making the device work with the runners. Coach Warren then suggested that they work with the Jumpers, where they found success in testing LIFT.

With Garret and Joshua having little to no background with circuitry they had to get help from others. They received a lot of help from CETA professors and students. Josh and Garrett have stressed how much they appreciate all the help they received from professors and students on LIFT.

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