Hillel presents students the HawkTorah

Read a modernized interpretation of the Torah!

By Jorge Rosas | 10/27/16 | Posted in News, Campus News

Hillel's HawkTorah
Hillel's HawkTorah

Students on campus can now read a modern interpretation of the Torah on the Facebook page, HawkTorah. We sat down with Hillel's Jewish life intern Amanda Eastman to get more on Hillel's new initiative. Amanda stated that she had wondered why there was not Hillel event or activity that related to the Torah, so she came up with the HawkTorah.

Amanda stated that she did not work alone when interpreting the Torah, she had the help from Hillel's communications intern Marissa Levitt. "Studying Torah by yourself is not fun and its actually a commandment to study Torah with other people" said Amanda. She goes on to say that Marissa has had a lot of experience in teaching Hebrew school and that she has a passion for interpreting the Torah in different ways.

Every student on campus whether they are Jewish or not can learn something new from the stories/monologues provided by the HawkTorah. The HawkTorah will be interpreting the Torah chronologically and will continue the cycle of the Torah. Amanda hopes that the HawkTorah will continue well pat her graduation.

Students can read the weekly modern interpretations of the Torah on the HawkTorah Facebook page:

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