Car Damaged in N Lot

By STN2 Staff | 04/28/06 | Posted in News

The new softball field is located right next to N lot. Last weekend a senior Chris Bertucio’s car was damaged after a softball was hit out of the field and into his windshield. He claims, “There was giant like circular a crack in there and it just sort of splintered out in that way so this big like foot, foot wide circle in the middle of my windshield, and cracks all over the passengers side and like splintering over to the front.” The school has claimed that they were planning to put a net around the outfield but it hasn’t happened yet. Chris was upset with the way the accident was handled after it first happened. The responsible thing to do is to contact that person. And the people from the university who were at the softball game really should have done that because I know that there were multiple people at that softball game who did see my car get hit.” Safety director Judy Carlson says students parking at n lot are parking at their own risk and the university is not responsible for any car damages. Chris was able to get a new windshield at the beginning of this week and the university was helpful enough to pay for the damages. The university also plans to put up signs by the field saying ‘park at your own risk’ to warn students about possible car incidents.

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