Donald Trump Secures Presidency Over Clinton

An unexpected win from Donald Trump

By STN2 Staff | 11/09/16 | Posted in News, Local News, National News, World News

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NEW YORK- It’s official folks. Donald J. Trump, the Donald, Trump, whatever you called him before, will now be known as Mr. President. President-Elect Trump took home the victory as he defeated the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, 279-228, as he announced Secretary Clinton’s surrender at almost 3 A.M. on Wednesday morning in New York City.

Clinton is just the 5th nominee for President to win the popular vote but lose in terms of electoral votes (Jackson, Tilden, Cleveland, Gore). Secretary Clinton amassed 59,623,047 votes, surpassing Trump’s total of 59,423,100 votes. Regardless, Trump defeated Clinton overwhelmingly, winning by 51 electoral votes.

As expected, Trump won the Midwest and the southeast regions, but the big difference were battleground states such as North Carolina, Florida, Michigan and Ohio. Trump managed to win all of these states, amassing a total of 78 electoral votes from swing states, votes that could have gone to either side.

The deciding state, revealing their winner around 2 A.M. was the quaker state, Pennsylvania. President-Elect Trump needed to win less than 20 electoral votes to secure his bid to the White House, and did so by winning all 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania. Secretary Clinton lost the state by merely 68,000 votes, or by 1.1. percent.

The Republicans are in the White House for the first time in 8 years, and have the majority in the house and the senate. State leaders agree that Trump faces a much less daunting task working with a Republican dominated congress, compared to the democratic one that mass media predicted to be elected.

The issue at hand now, is whether congress will work with President-Elect Trump. Some believe it will be easier for him to negotiate within his own party, and others argue that Trump is too radical to work with traditional conservatives in congress. Regardless, this is the first time since 2007 that the Republicans will have control of both the executive and legislative branches of Government. We will have to see what unified government will get done for the American people, the Republicans have 2 years to figure it out.

STN Political Reporter, Ryan James

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