West Hartford Unites for Rally

People Came to Support Immigration and Refugee Rights

By Chris DeGray | 02/02/17 | Updated 02/02/17 | Posted in News, Local News

From 4:30 pm to 6 pm on Wednesday February 1st, there was a rally for Immigration and Refugee rights in West Hartford outside the Town Hall on 50 South Main Street.

The rally was organized due to people's anger over Trump's Executive Order that bans immigrants from Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, and Iran from entering the United States.

The organizers of the rally set up a table where people could sign a petition that is aiming to set West Hartford up as a safe sanctuary for immigrants and refugees. Additionally, there were postcards that people could use to write letters to Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and Congressman Larson to thank them for sponsoring a bill to stop the ban.

There were, also, people out in support of Domingo Ferrera who is going to be deported for a crime that he committed 13 years ago despite the fact that he was already punished for it. He will be leaving behind his family in East Hartford and returning to the Dominican Republic. He is going to work with an immigration lawyer in the Dominican Republic to try to come back to the United States.

Many people at the rally were carrying creative signs barring many different names for Trump including one lady holding a sign calling him Emperor Baby Fists. Other people carried signs in support of immigrants with one saying that without immigrants Steve Jobs would not have been born in America because his father was a Syrian immigrant.

There were many people speaking at the rally inspiring people to ban together and call their local representatives to voice their concerns with the overall goal being to bring positive change to the White House.

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