University of Hartford Welcomes New AUC Director

Katharine Owens announced as new All-Uniersity Curriculum Director

By Jonny Wade | 02/03/17 | Updated 02/03/17 | Posted in News, Campus News

On January 1st, 2017 Katharine Owens was announced as the new director of the All-University Curriculum department. Owens was previously the director of the Environmental Studies program taught at the University and was chosen for this new position because of her background and experience with interdisciplinary work. She is following Caryn Christensen who had been the director since 2010 but decided to move on with her career.

Owens is very excited for this new position and during her first semester Christensen has offered to stay around and offer any guidance Owens may need which she says is a great way to learn a new job as serious as this. Additionally, Owens said that changes will be coming to the way AUC classes are done; where instead of students taking 4 out of 5 of the categories students would take four of four so that in at least of the course students would be able to connect to the lesson.

And to honor and welcome Owens into her new job there will be an event in March in the Shaw Center. For questions regarding AUC courses you can contact Owens at

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