Professor Comeforo Speaks On 84 Lumber Ad

Kristin Comeforo Gives a Statement to FOX 61.

By Matthew Vega | 02/23/17 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News, National News, World News

84 Lumber
84 Lumber

84 Lumber aired an ad that aimed toward President Donald's Trump policy on building a wall on the U.S. and American border.

This is a new style of advertising that may cause controversy, and Kristin Comeforo discusses if this tactic brands should be practicing.

"It's a very risky decision or strategy for brands to take but I think they should. The research that I've been seeing coming down the pipeline that more and more people care about brands and where brands stand on these kinds of issues. You know we identify with brands and relate to brands if they were people like they're our friends and we want our friend's to share the same kinds of attitudes and values and beliefs," University of Harford Communications Professor Kristin Comeforo says that this is a learning experience for those professionals in the industry.

Years back, Comeforo and her team started talking about this idea of a societal marketing concept that brands would embrace, not just to make things better for their bottom line or making things better for consumers that purchase their brands but both having a responsibility to society and making society better.

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