The Hartt School holds a series of concerts

Concerts held in newly renovated auditorium

By Matthew Vega | 10/19/17 | Posted in News, Campus News

Hartt School
Hartt School

The concerts honor famous composer Carol Husa marking the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia. It also featured a very special guest. President Gregory Woodward.

The new university president was a composer who studied with Carol Husa as a composition teacher and considered him almost like a second father. One of his big pieces he wrote for wind ensembles was dedicated to Husa as well as most of the music for prong.

The concerts will take place in the newly renovated Millard Auditorium. There are brand new seats which was desperately needed in the auditorium. The auditorium was built at a time where the handicap rules weren't in place in every institution at that point. They even got rid of a few seats and added added some acoustical properties that are for wood that have now formed into place and created an updated look.

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