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Book Talk and Cooking Demonstartion

History Professor hosts a book talk about a new book she wrote.

By Marceline De Angelis | 11/16/18 | Updated 11/16/18 | Posted in Campus News

This is Professor Firkatian’s first time doing a book talk about a book she wrote and it ended up being a huge success. The book is called Home Again: Armenian Recipes from the Ottoman Empire and it is based on her grandmas lifestyle. The book is a memoir cookbook with different recipes from descendants of the Ottoman Empire.

Firkatian demonstrated two different recipes during the event. One recipe was smashed chickpeas with cumin, olive oil, and lemon juice and the second recipe had Tahini in it which is a sesame seed paste. The ingredients of the recipes are unique since they come from where people lived in the Ottoman Empire, making all the foods have a different taste.

This event gave students and opportunity to experience watching the cooking demonstration as well as learning about the culture of Mari Firkatian.

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