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Hartt School to host the North American Conference on Video Game Music

The conference takes place on March 30-31st

By STN2 Staff | 11/20/18 | Posted in Campus News, Local News

Do you love video games? Well you’re in luck. This March, the sixth annual North American Conference on Video Game Music is coming to our very own Hartt school here at the University of Hartford.

Doctor Karen Cook, The Assistant Professor of Music History at the University of Hartford, and the woman responsible for bringing this conference to fruition. “It’s been in different locations for the last five years and every year it’s gotten a little bit bigger” said an ecstatic Doctor Cook as she began to describe the conference.

Cook went on to generally describe the conference, saying “All sorts of people come, internationally for this conference and engage for a weekend in talking about the latest research that people are doing on different levels. Talking about different works, different games, learning com-positional strategies and generally having a good time.”

According to Doctor Cook, bringing the conference to the University of Hartford has been in the works for a long time. Cook stated that she has been working on getting the conference into the Hartt school for around four years now. It piqued her interest when she started to see how rapidly it grew within its first two years.

Throughout these past few years, Cook has been in direct contact with the committee responsible for running and hosting the conference. Despite her active involvement, Cook states that this is the first year that things actually worked out for bringing the conference to the university. It has reached an ideal size, and the Hartt school presented itself as a perfect host location. The conference is quite large, so it’s reasonable to expect that a plethora of new faces ranging from scholars to hobbyists on campus.

In addition to the miscellaneous assortment of scholars and hobbyists that will be attending, several important figures in the industry will be attending. Arguably the most important of these distinguished guests is the conference’s keynote speaker Wilbert Roget II.

Traditionally, the role of keynote speaker alternates between scholars and composers. This year, it was time for a composer. Cook weighed in on the decision for Roget to lead the keynote stating “It was time to bring in a composer again, and given the kinds of games that he’s worked on and also the fact that he happens to be a younger composer, and a person of color, we thought that it’d be a really exciting chance to hear a different point of view than some of the folks we’ve tended to have in the past.”.

Roget is responsible for scoring a variety of video games. He wrote several notable tracks for the hit MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, and was responsible for scoring last year’s Call of Duty: WWII in it’s entirety. These examples only scratch the surface of his history as a composer.

Want to take a more active role in the conference? If they would like, every student can submit a proposal for the conference. According to the website, they are looking for proposals on topics ranging from the history of music in video games, to the ethnographic approaches to game music.

Further information on how these proposals work is located on the conference’s website. If you are thinking of submitting a proposal, do not delay. The official deadline for proposals is December 15th, 2018. the sixth annual North American Conference on Video Game Music will officially take place from March 30-31, 2019. All students are welcome to attend.

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